Christmas Wish List 2018 Sure to Make Every Stitcher Swoon!

I like to have all of my holiday shopping finished before Thanksgiving....okay well....maybe December 1st?  I will admit that it doesn't always happen but I sure do try!!!  I am already asking my children what they want for Christmas which I recognize is a ginormous mistake.  How many of you have kiddos that have asked Santa for that "special something" 2 days before Christmas and you are not only out of money but out of spunk?  The other risk is, of course, that if you are like me, and you start thinking about a wish list too soon, your wish list grows....and grows.... and grows!  BIG risk when you are asking a 7 and 9 year old to start thinking about it.  That being said, here are 8 items on my stitching wishlist and 8 things that I promise you or the stitcher in your life would LOVE to have!  AND I have made it super easy for you.  The pictures are links to sites for purchase.  OR your local needle shop may carry some of these items.  I know mine does.  

PS.  Will someone please share this with my husband?

1.  2019 Limited Edition Gingher Eleonor Scissors

Gingher scissors are the bomb and how fun are these enamel handled Limited Editions Scissors?  Super fun to open these up!

2.   Sajou Scissors

I have always wanted a really beautiful pair of scissors and Sajou scissors fill the bill!!!  They are expensive and a definite splurge.  What a special gift, however, and one that will be treasured forever.  Just don't let the TSA get their hands on them!

3. Walker Bags

Everyone needs a fun project bag and you can't go wrong with these bright colored mesh bags.  Walker Bags are the best, but extra that stitchers would love to have but not necessarily treat themselves to.  You can't go wrong with size, pockets, colors....handles or no handles.

4.  The Needlepoint Book

An absolute "MUST HAVE"  No need to say more.

5.  Tulip Needles

These have been all the rage of late and admittedly, at first, I couldn't tell what the big whoop was about.  However, a week ago, I picked them up for the second time and worked an entire project with one.  I am convinced now.  Enough said.  Great stocking stuffer!

6.  Day Light Lamp - Ottlites

These come in a million sizes and shape with multiple features.  You can't go wrong with any of them.  Mine has a bucket with compartments at its base to gather threads, hold scissors and the occasional snack.  Some have a magnifying glass incorporated as well!!!  (I'm not quite there yet, thankfully.) Have it delivered from Amazon or find one of those great coupons from Jo-Anns and purchase yours there!

7.  Leather needle and scissor case how cool is this??  A leather trinket box in a couple of colors to hold needles, scissors, threads, etc.  Both sides are magnetic which is super cool and wait for it.....the top has an insert that you can stitch to make it your own!!!!  Maybe your monogram??  Too cute and I want one.

Feature of the week | Leather Needle and Scissor Case

8.  Needleminder - The Creative Palace

I love the idea of collecting magnetic needleminders, but again they can get expensive and seem like an "extra" to me that I don't buy for myself.  HOWEVER...I found this gal on Etsy that has the biggest collection I have ever seen.  Some are pure eye candy, others are vintage and ALL of them are very reasonably priced.  Another great stocking stuffer!  I promise she will have one that will be "just right" for the person lucky enough to receive one.

Happy Stitching (and shopping)

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