I am finally taking my lifelong passion and hoping to make it more accessible to everyone.  I first discovered needlepoint when I was 10 years old at my neighbor Ruthie's house. 

While Ruthie was a no nonsense, no frill kind of mother to three girls, she was classy in her tennis whites, pastel polos, walking shorts, and needlepoint belt!  When I first saw a Christmas WIP on her frame, I ran home asking my own mother what it was and when could I learn.  Learn I did, and I haven't looked back since. 

As fellow stitchers know, needlepoint is an expensive hobby.  How many of us have done creative financing because we have to have the the whimsical stocking that we have no one to stitch it for?  Does the family goldfish need a stocking??  Maybe my daughter's boyfriend will be family some day?   The hobby or art of stitching has been cost prohibitive for many.  

After spending years talking to friends, family, and now customers wanting to try their hand at stitching, but been turned off by the investment, I have decided to design affordable yet fun canvases.  Take a peek and see if one speaks to you!

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